So the Thing Is…

So the thing about having a chronic illness is that you still get sick. The thing about having a chronic illness for 25 years is that you get sick of getting sick. You’ve gone through so many special treatment regimens and so many relapse prevention workshops, so why do you still relapse? Because you have a chronic illness.

So what if you manage it so well that you live a rich and fulfilling life most of the time? If you’re really managing it all that well, then you shouldn’t relapse at all. I did all the right things. I still got sick.

They say it’s like a spiral staircase; each time you have another bout, it’s the same but different. I haven’t been on this ride since 2014, but the whole thing is nauseatingly familiar: ER trip, inpatient hospitalization, outpatient treatment, FMLA paperwork, short-term disability paperwork, doctor’s appointments and follow-up visits, holistic therapy, yoga, meditation, slow re-entry to work. Yadda yadda yadda.

The slow re-entry to work is reminding me of the biggest factor outside of my control: the current crazy project that’s causing me current crazy stress. Add to that the doubled commute to my office’s new location and a change of personnel on my treatment team, and you’ve got a recipe for another floor on the same damn staircase. On the days when I’m not in the office, things go pretty well. On the days when I’m working, I limp to the end of the day, and sometimes I have to leave early.

So that happened. Which is why I haven’t updated this website since May. And why the spambots are now bombarding my comments with almost-legible suggestions that I visit their questionable links to learn more about how to increase traffic to my website.

A website, by the way, which has a fundamental design flaw that makes the thing crawl along before loading a single page. To the point that my web hosting provider has asked me to fix a problem that has no simple fix. So, in the near future, I anticipate a major overhaul. That’ll be fun.

To those of you who are still with me, I thank you.