Garden of Images – The Back Courtyard

Beautiful things can happen when you give yourself permission to let them. But usually it involves digging through a few layers of distraction. It took two pages of maundering before I settled down to make this drawing. Just before I did, I wrote “Never let someone take away your own agency as an artist. You don’t have to give that up — ever.”


Scan of an illustrated May 2014 journal entry - page 3. Detailed drawing of the back courtyard, the view from the kitchen table. by Frances Donovan

Frances Donovan

Garden of Images – Frances Quadcore Processor

Someone suggested I do some visual journaling on the theme of “process,” which made me think about computer processors. My brain seems to favor multi-threaded processing but it’s a little out of date, so a quadcore processor seemed like a good idea. Here’s what my design specs might look like. Click to view a larger version.

A drawing of Frances's quadcore processor