Through the Gates, in July, Something Different

you step through three gates of trees
expecting to see something different
and you always do

today, a turkey
almost to the end of the boardwalk
through the swamp, just before

a stream-bed that’s mostly mud
with the one big stone you’ve hopped
a thousand times

where you can glimpse
one of the huge houses
whose owners have been building again

you stop long enough to regard him
and he calls to you, or to
a well-hidden mate, you can’t determine

his gobble uniquely his
and nothing really like
the english word we made for it

3 Replies to “Through the Gates, in July, Something Different”

  1. yeah our words def dont match up to the real wild sounds of a turkey…pretty cool to catch them in their element though…well any nature for me…

    1. It’s always a treat to interact with another species. Interesting, isn’t it, that technology has actually made it easier for people to see what different animals are like?

      1. that is very cool…and i agree on how intriguing it is to interact with other species…particularly in the wild….i love to go hiking and have found myself in their element often…

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